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What's New

First things first. I feel like I should clarify what this blog space will be for me and any readers who probably stumble upon it because I can't imagine you came straight here for the goodies.

I've blogged in the past at other sites and on other topics. I used to do it regularly and I enjoyed it then. Now, not so much. Now, I like to spend more of my time writing pieces that I want to publish. So this blog won't be updated on any kind of regular schedule, and at least for now, it will be more of a place to announce what's new with my work.

This image right here, though? It fits what's new.

My most recent short fiction, "In That Place She Grows a Garden," appears in Issue #10 of FIYAH, a black speculative fiction magazine (seriously -- go check it out, along with every other issue they have there). I'm so honored to be included in this issue, especially since I'd stepped away from short fiction for a long time. As in years long.

See, I'd submitted to a lot of literary magazines back in the day, before many of them opened online homes. I went through lots of stamps, SASEs and rejections. Tons of rejections, most of which I still have.

With no luck there, I turned my attention to writing novels. For a while, I had an agent, who was lovely and honest and everything I wanted in an agent. Unfortunately, although she repped two of my books, we never sold them, and she and I parted ways.

I went through a period of time when I didn't want to write anymore. But like she told me then: Writing is in your heart. And she was absolutely right. I can't not write, no matter how many rejections or "no's" I get. Self-publishing isn't for me, for a number of reasons, which is why I'm still trying to go the traditional route.

Since then, I've written other novels and I'm currently looking for a new agent.

More importantly, for me at least, I've done a lot of writerly things that I've never done before. While every effort hasn't paid off, a lot have.

I'm working on more short fiction and I've submitted to more contests and anthologies the first quarter of this year than I have in the past five. I tackled my first narrative nonfiction piece and completed my third young adult biography for an educational publisher. I've pitched a couple of pieces to publications I'd love to appear in, and hey, one of them was accepted.

As I revise and polish my latest manuscript, with no idea of how the rest of this year will go, I'm feeling good about what I've done so far, but also, really looking forward to what more is coming.